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GPshell and GlobalPlatform On Gentoo

As I will start with SmartCard development the next weeks, I was in the need to install gpshell and globalplatform on my gentoo box today. As I could not find any ebuilds in the official portage, I started googling around and found this bug report:

I decided to copy both ebuilds to my layman overlay. I changed the directory of app-crypt/gpshell to dev-util/gpshell as it fits there much better and added the debug-use flag to globalplatform, as it might be useful as well ;).

To install the ebuilds on your system, just use layman to add my overlay and unmask both packages with your system keywords. Afterwards, just execute emerge -av dev-util/gpshell und hope, that it works for you as well.

For usage instructions for the overlay, just take a look at this page: