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What is COLLADA?

Collada (COLLAborative Design Activity) claimes to be an open interchange format between different 3D applications. The COLLADA development is managed by the Khronos Group, a non-profit consortium consisting of companies like Apple, Sun Microsystems, Sony Computer Entertainment, Intel Corporation, AMD, NVIDIA and id Software. COLLADA is developed under the MIT License and for this it is free to use for you.


There are several plugins out there to make use of COLLADA in your favorite design application like Blener or 3ds max. COLLADA defines so called "Digital Asset Exchange"-files (.dae) which contains the assets for exchange. Theese files make use of well defined xml format which makes it very easy to create parsers and import/export extensions for own applications.

The COLLADA Community ( provides some packages that makes the development of own COLLADA based applications more easyer. One of theese packages is called COLLADA DOM, a dom reader for collada files. Unfortunately most linux distributions have no packages for COLLADA included yet, which means, that you have to build it by your own.


As I had to use COLLADA on my System for some project. As COLLADA depends on some packages like minizip that are not in the official gentoo portage and delivered with the COLLADA source, I decided to build an ebuild to be able to cleanly remove COLLADA after I have installed it onto my system. I copied the ebuild to my layman overlay and decided to share it on my webserver.

To find out, how you can add my overlay to your layman overlays, just take a little look an this article.

After adding the layman overlay on your machine, you should be able to install collada using

emerge -av collada-dom

You might have to unmask the package using

echo "dev-libs/collada-dom ~x86" >> /etc/portage/package.keywords

before you are able to execute the installation.

The ebuild installes the COLLADA DOM libraries to /usr/include/collada-dom and you have to add theese to your library path to be able to compile COLLADA based applications.