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Get rid of the live! button on your HTC Diamond (Vodafone)

Just a little warning, before we start:
Playing around in your mobiles registry can brick your device. The steps below worked for me, but may fail on your device and cause your device not to work properly anymore.

I recently decided to get rid of the "live!" button, Vodafone has added to the HTC Diamond and replace it with something more useful, as I do not really use the live!-website. As you would expect, the necessary information can be found in the devices registry. Just search for the key


I used the "Windows CE Remote Registry Editor" shipped with Visual Studio 2008 to change the registry on my device. You can also use the WindowsMobile version of TotalCommander on your device to change registry values or any other application you prefer.

The two values that are interesting are HomeRSKPath and HomeRSKText. The HomeRSKPath value contains the application to be started. I changed this to "\Windows\Startmenü\Programme\Opera Browser.lnk" (as you may notice, I own a german version). The HomeRSKText contains the buttons label text. I changed it to "internet".

Now the right button on my home screen starts up my opera browser instead of the live! internet site.