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Next firmware update for ONYX BOOX available

Today I just recognized that there is a a new firmware update (Version 1.3) for my ONYX BOOX available at

The new software is even newer than the version preinstalled on my device (Version 1.2.2) so I just decided to update. To install the update you have to use a SD card. Just put the onyx_update.upd into the root directory of the SD card. Turn off the reader. After the reader has powered off just put the SD card into the slot and turn the device on again while holding the OK button. Wait until you see the message that the device searches for the firmware update to release the OK button.

You should make sure that you battery has enough power left to install the update properly otherwise you might brick your device. I would recomment to charge the device until the battery is full whereas ONYX says that you should have at least two parts of battery power left.

The ebook directory has not been deleted on my device during the update process.

After the installation I checked the browser and recognized a new symbol on the bottom right. Clicking on the www-symbol opens the keyboard and allows entering a custom URL. I did not recognize this bottin in the previos version.

Adding new items to the web sites favorite list is not yet possibe. I did not find any other new features yet but having the address entering item in the web browser is worth an update.