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vmware: No space left on device

Uhh. Some days ago, I had some really nasty vmware server experience. I just updated to a new vmware-server 2 version. Just after the update I was not able to start my Windows XP guest system and it took me quite some time to figure out, why it stopped working.

After starting the virtual machine, I just got a very useless message on my web frontend saying just

"Power On Virtual Machine" failed to complete

If these problems persist, please contact your system administrator.

Could not open paging file for 768 MB:
"No space left on device".
Failed to allocate main memory.
Module MainMem power on failed. 

Checking my systems memory and disk space told me, that everything looks fine. After some research I found out what vmware was actually complaining about:

The virtual machine I tried to start seemes to have crashed the last time I used it before I updated vmware. So there were plenty of lockfiles (.lck) in the virtual machines directory. I remember that some older versions complained that the virtual machine is currently opened but vmware server 2 seems to complain about a lack of free memory. So calling

rm -Rf *.lck

within the virtual machines directory has done the job for me and I have been able to start the virtual machine without any further issues.